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Xcalibrephoto is one of the leading professional photography studios in the Asia-Pacific region. We provide corporate photography for some of the world’s largest companies and organisations, with clients such as Rolex, J.P. Morgan and WWF. Our expertise encompasses corporate photography, event photography, and architectural photography. We understand the significance of visual storytelling in the corporate world and aim to surpass expectations with our photography services.

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Candid portrait and headshot photography

At Xcalibrephoto, we take great pride in our ability to capture the professionalism of our clients, and it is their satisfaction that keeps us motivated. We have many years of producing corporate headshots for important executives, as well as providing professional photography for advertising purposes and inclusion in annual reports. Our focus on delivering high-quality photographs is aimed at helping our clients leave a positive impression on their customers while adding that extra touch of professionalism to their business.

event, architectural and industrial photography for all purposes

No matter the size, events always take a great deal of hard work to organise. Xcalibrephoto’s attention to detail ensures that your efforts are captured, and that your special occasion is remembered forever. We have a unique knack for producing photographs of large corporate functions, festivals and celebrations with a high level of intimacy. Our experience in architectural and industrial photography allows us to produce quality images of your work, regardless of what industry you’re in.

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We provide all types of photography for corporate, Government sector and small business.
Below are some of the services we provide.

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Corporate Editorial
Corporate Headshots
Corporate Media


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Below are some of our clients.

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We provide all types of photography for corporate,
government sectors and small business.

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